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Employee Inspirience Masterclass – Employeneurship

This Employee inspirience masterclass will be provided by Mascha de Wildt, Pontes International.

Mascha is an experienced manager with a proven track record across business and HR. After a successful career in financial services and CPG companies, she is now actively transferring her knowledge and experience to others. She is a firm believer of creating a strong People & Culture footprint in organisations to deliver a winning company.

Pontes international believes in developing potential, for every one, finding their strength, inspiration and creation. And as such create positive change in ones life, team, and organization.

Challenge people, inspire and facilitate them to discover their personal potential is what they promote in terms of true leadership. Results created through people directing their potential.


  1. Is a mindset that places confidence in the increasement of happiness, success and satisfaction in life and work when
    someone is making him- or herself responsible for his or her own development.
  2. Is a set of effective behavioral patterns, a structure, a method to be able to obtain personal development or the development of corresponding organizations.
  3. Is a display of the evolution of the motivation of the (working) human and its changing work relations.
Event date: 12/10/2020 11:00 am
Event address: Eindhoven - Nunspeet