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Shimano Health & Wellbeing Inspirience week

Shimano is organizing a Health & Well-being Inspirience week to promote awareness on multiple aspects of healthy living and vitality. During this week 4 different health and wellbeing webinars shall be held

Monday 16 November: Webinar: A healthy diet in the new normal.

How to Chow-down in Lock-down: Eating the right foods to stay energised, prevent Covid-kilo’s and boost your immune-system.

Trainer: Brigitte Young

Food and Nutrition Coach


Tuesday 17 November : Webinar: Ergonomics and Biomechanics

The webinar “Biomechanics & ergonomics” discusses the functioning of our seated bodies. Find out which lessons can be learned for the settings of your workplace, both at home and at the office. This with the aim to improve your working posture and to reduce the chance of developing complaints. The energy you save this way, pays off in a more relaxed working day with more energy for other things (work and private).

Trainer: Caroline Steenberghe

Fysiotherapist & Health coach


Wednesday 18 November:

Webinar: Stress & Heart Rate Variability

“Stress and HRV” takes you into the (neuro)physiological effects of prolonged stress and the lack of relaxation; a spicy combination for our body. The two have consequences for your wellbeing, hormone balance and inner peace. In addition to the well-known signs such as loss of concentration and fatigue, there are many symptoms that you might not feel immediately, but are therefore extra risky. The webinar offers you more insight into these effects and of course also into possible strategies to manage stressful times

Trainer: Caroline Steenberghe

Fysiotherapist & Health coach



Thursday 19 November:

Webinar: Rest and Recovery

Interested in learning how to sleep better? Join this webinar and hear how that works!
In this webinar we will help you to get a better grip on your ever-active brain and how to break with counterproductive sleeping habits

Trainer: Caroline Steenberghe

Fysiotherapist & Health coach




Friday 20 November:

Webinar: The benefits of moving your body

We are ending this health week with a webinar in which you can shape your intentions to get moving. Since you already know everything about cycling, we are going to talk about training principles in more general terms and running in particular.

Ame Harris

Trainer & Health coach