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Shimano Health & Wellbeing Checks 2021

Healthy and vital employees are key to Shimano’s success and a topic of prime importance to our organization. We offer you this valuable opportunity to get more preventive insight into your wellbeing through the Shimano Health Check. Sign up for Shimano’s Health & Well-being Check ! Get insight in your own vitality!

There are 3 Health Check options as mentioned below.

1. Physical Health Check (total duration, 1 hour):

-Online Health & Lifestyle questionnaire (workability, lifestyle, work-related)
-Physical Health Check (performed in a Corporate Vitality Health Services Centre located in either Eindhoven, Apeldoorn and Utrecht)
• Check of your lung capacity
• Blood examination (Glucose, Cholesterol, HB anemi
• Eye screening
• Hearing test
• Measuring Length & Weight
• Body mass index and ECG of the heart in rest situation
– Consultation lifestyle & sports physician

2. Mental Health Check (1 hour consultation)

This Health Check contains a one hour consultation with an work and organizational pshychologist. This consultation will be serviced online or on High Tech Campus Eindhoven in the Corporate Vitality Health Services Centre.

The pshychologist will focus on stress management, resilience, mental wellbeing and work life balance.  She will provide you with insights and practical guidelines to improve you’re mental wellbeing in daily life.

3. Extended Sports Medical Health Check (total duration, 1.5 hour):

– Online Health & Lifestyle questionnaire (workability, lifestyle, work-relate
– Physical Health Check (performed in a Corporate Vitality Health Services Centre located in either Eindhoven, Apeldoorn)
• Check of your lung capacity
• Blood examination (HB anemia, Glucose, Cholesterol)
• Eye screening
• Hearing test
• Measuring Length & Weight
• Body mass index and ECG of the heart in rest situation
• Endurance stress test of the heart in “performance lab”
-Consultation lifestyle & sports physician

If, additionally you would like to top up this Shimano sponsored Health Check with a breathing gas analysis to determine your turning point for sports performance and training goals, you could do so for small additional costs of 50 Euro at your own expense. Please note your request to the secretary of Corporate Vitality who will make the appointment with you during the process and pay the amount at the medical centre after the Healthcheck.


Process Physical and Sports Medical Health Check:

Step 1 : Everyone who takes a Health Check gets access to his personal webpage. To start the check you will need to register first. In the test location option you can fill in the preferred check and location. The Mental Health Check will be serviced  online or in Eindhoven.  Click on the button below. Please use your complete official Shimano e-mail address (e.g. John.Miller@shimano-eu.com) while registration and not the address based on the shortcode (e.g JMI@shimano-eu.com) or Departmental/group email addresses.

Step 2: After registration, you will receive an invitation to make a personal account with user ID and a password so you can log in at your personal environment. In this environment you can start to fill in the three Online Health and Lifestyle questionnaires. Note: The default language is Dutch but you can also click English in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Based on the results of the completed questionnaires you could decide whether you would like to go stop at the online questionnaire or go further with the Basic/Extended health check option as described above. If you decide to go for the Basic/Extended health check option then Corporate Vitality will contact you (within two weeks) to make the appointment for the physical health check at a location of your preference. Note: The appointment for physical checkup can be cancelled upto 3 days in advance without financial implications. In case you decide to cancel the appointment less than 3 days in advance, there would be no possibility to make another appointment on Shimano’s behalf (cost).

Step 4: After the Physical /Sports Medical Health Check has taken place you will find your personal analysis on your personal Health Check online web page.

Proces Psychological Health Check:

Click the button Pshychological Health Check below for registration. Corporate Vitality will contact you to make the appointment online or offline.

Generic Guidelines :
• Your participation in this Shimano Health and Lifestyle Check is voluntary.
• As company procedures at Corporate Vitality are subjected to Dutch confidentiality laws, the results of your Health Check will not be shared with Shimano.

Covid: All Shimano Health Checks are being conducted within the COVID guidelines.


Event date: 04/06/2021 10:21 pm