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STS Vitality Inspirience 1# How food fuels your brain

Nourishment is not only important for your psychical health. There is more and more evidence that the quality of your food improves the quality of your gut. Which, in turn, improves the health of both your brain and your mood.
So let’s take a deep dive into your beliefs and behaviours around food. Is food a something that you pay attention to, or do you have your meals whilst being in a Zoom meeting. Maybe you even skip it altogether, because you can’t find the time.
And when is your food intake distorted? Are you obsessed by it in a way that you can hardly eat or are you eating all the time (or at least think about it?) Are you the type that can never resist the pepernoten, but do you also have an excuse to indulge in easteraggs, a few too many glasses of rose on the beach? Or is your eating pattern just chaotic and based on residues of several diets that you have tried in the past, where you have kept 1 rule out of every programme?

Please join psychologist Saskia Geraerts, who specialises in eating disorders and is an orthomoleculair therapist as well, in a webinar on the truth about food, and how it influences your mood, performance and overall level of happiness. Saskia will share her experience from her own practice and well as the most recent scientific insights with how. And who knows, she might even help you to make some new year’s resolutions that you will be able to keep for once.

Saskia Geraerts is both clinical and occupational psychologist. She is trained in Positive psychology. This means that our aim is focused on finding solutions and building strengths, as opposed to curing and focusing on the problem. One’s mental wellbeing is the foundation for success, happiness and physical health and she would love to help you in finetuning and optimising this.

Event date: 01/21/2021 3:30 pm
Event address: Shimano Europe