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STS Vitality Inspirience 3 # Burn Out and Stress Prevention

Work-related stress is occupational disease number one. Everyone has stress. Is that bad? Not if it’s healthy stress. Stress makes us alert. It helps us to focus. Stress becomes unhealthy if we ‘stay on too long’. This can cause all kinds of complaints. Unhealthy stress is caused by the fact that your load is greater than your carrying capacity. You get out of balance. And that has unpleasant consequences.
Physical fatigue, headaches, concentration problems, restless nights, a hectic feeling; they influence your performance at work and your activities at home. You lose grip, too much to do, too little time. A feeling of powerlessness arises. Until the moment you actually drop out.
How do you prevent burn-out? How do you deal with unhealthy stress and prevent imbalance? In this webinar we will work with stress sources and stress reduction techniques, accept and let go and a better focus. In the Masterclass Stress and Burnout you will learn how you can continue to work comfortably and productively without sacrificing your health.

About the trainer:

Saskia Geraerts is a sr clinical, occupational and organizational psychologist. She is trained in positive psychology, mental issues and burn out guidance. Since 2020 Saskia is a well know professional within Shimano. She gives several mental related masterclasses during the year for the organization. She also coaches employees in their personal mental health goals or issues. This service can be booked at the Shimano Mental Health checks (online).

Her aim is focused on finding solutions and building strengths, as opposed to curing and focusing on the problem. Saskia challenges professionals to bring out the best in themselves. By looking at how we can increase our talents, but also by looking at where there are threats to optimal functioning and growth. Saskia has a Master’s Degree from the University of Maastricht and has followed numerous courses in recent years. She has been working for companies and in her own clinical practice since 1994. In addition, Saskia wrote the book ‘Prfct’ in 2019 about improving your self-image and she regularly acts as a psycholo- gical expert on various radio and television programs.

For which questions can you contact Saskia?
– What insights can you give me about my mental well-being? And can you refer me if necessary?
– Can you give a webinar or lecture on a specific psychological theme? For example, on how to increase your sustainable employability? Or about what a personality disorder is and how to deal with colleagues who have one? Or on how to deal with (criticism from) difficult customers? Or about improving your self-image and deal with burn-out problems.
– What advice can you give me about my mental fitness and how to increase it?

Event date: 03/18/2021 4:00 pm
Event address: Shimano Europe