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Without COVID-19 we would have been able to use our beautiful gyms for almost a year now. We are ready to go but still have to be patient. Would you like to exercise more, relax or come in contact with colleagues during or after work?
Together with First1 we have put together a nice online offer for you with the following lessons:

Breath / Meditation Session (Tuesday 16:30 + Thursday 12:30)
Feeling good by breathing better! Breath / Meditation session is an online session with breathing exercises and meditation to improve “focus and concentration”, better sleep and for more energy and less stress. The way you breathe, that’s how you live. Improve your vitality with breathing and mindfulness exercises! Participation is allowed with or without camera and questions can be done with the chat function. The sound of the participants is muted. This lesson is offered with ZOOM.

Full body Workout (Monday 17:00)
Various sports exercises are practiced, Full Body Workout. Are you in? The lesson lasts 45 minutes and is offered with Zoom.

Pilates (Wednesday 12:00)
During the Pilates class we train posture, stability, coordination, and we are engaged in breathing with the focus on body and mind. This lesson is offered with ZOOM.

Mindful Yoga (Thursday 17:00)
End your workday with a delicious 45-minute yoga class, suitable for beginners and advanced participants. We start with a short meditation, which turns into stretching exercises for back, neck and shoulders. Then we do a number of sun salutations and yoga poses/asanas and then end with a breathing exercise. This lesson is offered with ZOOM.

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Event date: 04/06/2021 9:05 am
Event address: Online

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